Sea Pig Plush

Would you want a sea pig stuffed animal?

Do sea pigs make cute plush toys?

Is there something about a sea pig that makes you want to hug it?

The sea pig is round and cute even though it doesn’t really look like most animals. Many people find themselves wanting to buy a sea pig plush toy, and kids also love hugging these cuddly critters.

If you or someone you know would love to hug a sea pig, read on to find some great sea pig plush animals.

Hashtag Collectibles Stuffed Sea Pig Plushie

Hashtag Collectibles Stuffed Sea Pig plushie - Mini

Want to hold a sea pig in your hand and give it a kiss too? If so, check out this adorable little Hashtag Collectibles Stuffed Sea Pig Plushie. This cute plush is tiny enough to comfortably hold but still big enough to hug, coming in at six inches in length. It features the distinct round body of the sea pig as well as its legs and mouth-feet, and it includes big button eyes to give the creature a slightly cuter and more plush-friendly look than it has in nature. Although it may not be entirely accurate, this plush is sure to please.


  • This plush is made of very soft fabric that’s comfortable for kids to snuggle and play with as much as they want to.
  • The plush is well-made and durable with strong stitching that holds up well to children playing with it and carrying it around often.


  • Very rarely, some customers have reported the plush arriving with some rough patches in the fabric fur, although this is not very likely to happen.
  • The plush doesn’t look like a real sea pig, which can be off-putting to some customers and especially to kids who want a more realistic plush.

Sea Pig Stuffed Toy

Sea Pig Stuffed Toy

This Sea Pig Stuffed Toy looks a little bit more like a realistic sea pig than the other option listed here, although it isn’t quite accurate either. It includes button eyes that are not realistic, but its shape and feet as well as its tendrils are all similar to a real sea pig. This plush comes in white only, so if you’re looking for a pink option, this may not be the right pick for you. This is a very soft plush that is great to hold and snuggle with, and it’s small enough that kids can carry it around too.


  • This plush is very soft and snuggly, and it’s also well-made with durable stitches that can hold up to kids playing with it too.
  • The plush is a great way to bring home a sea pig toy for kids who are looking for this specific and hard-to-find animal.


  • Since the plush is white, it may be tougher to keep clean than some other options, and it may show stains and signs of aging quicker too.
  • The plush must be hand-washed only and cannot be washed or dried in a machine, making it tougher to maintain.

Grab A Sea Pig Plush Toy Today!

What do you think? Would you buy a sea pig toy? This type of plush would be a great gift for any kid who is interested in sea creatures or science in general. They also make excellent gifts for adults or anyone who likes cute somewhat obscure animals, too.

If you want to bring a soft and cuddly sea pig into your home, pick one of the cute plushes listed above. They’re sure to be a perfect gift for the sea pig lover in your life, or the perfect gift for you too!

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