Sea Pig Video

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Have you ever seen a sea pig video?

How helpful are these kinds of videos, given that seeing a sea pig is pretty rare?

Are sea pigs worth learning about and seeing for yourself, even if it’s in a video?

It’s always a good idea to learn and educate yourself about animals you might not have ever heard of before. Even if you’ve heard of sea pigs, you may be a little bit unaware of what they look like, or you may not know all the facts there are to know about them.

If you find yourself looking for ways to learn more about the sea pig, videos are a great option. Check out this list of 11 great videos put together to help you expand your horizons and learn more about the sea pig than you ever thought possible.

Take your time and go through these videos to find the ones that can give you the kind of information you’re looking for. You’re sure to learn something new you can use to surprise your friends and family by watching these interesting and exciting videos of sea pigs!

Sea Pig Videos

Get your sea pig fix by checking out the videos on this list. You may find something you’ve never seen before, and you’re sure to learn a little bit at the same time! So let’s get started exploring the exotic world of the sea pig.

Sea Pig Video #1:
We Can’t Tell if the Sea Pig is Adorable or Terrifying

This video comes from Wired and gives plenty of true facts to help you learn more about sea pigs. This is a fun and silly introduction to the sea pig. Even though the video makes several jokes, it is nevertheless packed with real facts and footage of true sea pigs. This is a short video that won’t get boring before it’s over. It shows lots of different views of sea pigs in action, so if you want to see what they look like walking around, this video can help you do that and much more. Watch it to give yourself a good starting point before you move on to the rest of the videos.

Sea Pig Video #2:
True Facts About The Sea Pig

This Ze Frank sea pig video is by far the most well-known video about the sea pig on the Internet. Chances are good you’ve probably seen it before, but even if you have, it’s well worth another watch. This video is funny and informative at the same time, and just like the one listed above, it’s full of actually true facts even though it is portrayed in a silly way. This video is sure to make you laugh even while it teaches you a thing or two about what sea pigs really are and how they function. Note: This video may not appropriate for younger kids, as it includes mild sexual humor and some adult language.

Sea Pig Video #3:
The Most Fascinating Facts about the Sea Pig

This sea pig true facts video counts down the top 12 most interesting facts about these creatures. It will give you lots of real information to help you better understand these animals. Although this true facts sea pig video may not include a lot more information than the previous two, it can be another fun watch that is a little more kid-friendly than the above-listed option, too. Take a look at this video for a quick refresher on sea pig info and facts.

Sea Pig Video #4:
Sea Pig Sighting

If you’re looking for some true facts of the sea pig along with some footage of a real sea pig floating in the ocean, this video may be just what you need. This unique look at a sea pig as it swims along in the depths is provided by the Nautilus expedition, which is a real biologist expedition that traveled deep within the ocean to find footage and information about the creatures that live there. Although the expedition is over now, the Nautilus channel provides lots of unique looks at animals and plant life if you want to check it out and find out more.

Sea Pig Video #5:
Creatures of the Deep

This is another real, true video provided by a scientific source. This video provides actual footage of sea pigs from the ocean floor set to calm, gentle music. Although the video isn’t very exciting and doesn’t offer a funny narrative like some of the others on this list, it can give you some of the clearest views of sea pigs available. It’s a very short little video, so it’s worth a watch if you’re looking for something that can give you a better insight into how these creatures move and get around.

Sea Pig Video #6:
Don’t Put Coca Cola in Sea Creatures

Note: this video may be extremely upsetting to some viewers, and it is not recommended for children to watch. This is not a real video, and has been disproven. However, children and sensitive viewers may still not want to watch, as it shows the animal exploding at the end.

You may have heard something about a sea pig Coke video, and if you have, this is the video in question. This video does not show a real sea pig, however, but instead a sea cucumber that is related. The video shows two men pouring Coca Cola into the sea cucumber, causing the creature to panic and spit in response, eventually blowing up. Again, this is not a real video.

Sea Pig Video #7:
Scotoplanes – Sea Pig – Sea Cucumber

This video includes footage of a sea pig walking along deep down in the ocean. This footage is very similar to some of the others on our list and may be taken from the same sources. If you want to get another look at a walking sea pig, you may want to view it. However, it’s probably better to watch the Sea Pig Slow Dance video, which is the original source of the footage given in this video.

Sea Pig Video #8:
Sea Pig Slow Dance

Provided by Neptune Canada, this is the original source of the footage from the video listed above. This video is longer and gives an even more impressive look at the sea pig as it ambles through the water looking for something to eat. It is recommended to watch this video if you want a true look at how these animals get around and just how graceful and elegant they really are.

Sea Pig Video #9:
Sea Pig True Facts Amazing Sea Pig Facts for Kids

Are you interested in looking for some sea pig facts for kids? If so, you might want to take a look at this video. The video provides plenty of kid-friendly facts and lots of helpful information. However, it is narrated by a robotic voice that is clearly a computer reading the information, so it may be boring or unpleasant for some smaller children to watch.

Sea Pig Video #10:
True Facts: Sea Pig (Animated)

This animated video is narrated with facts about sea pigs. It’s made for kids and includes just a few quick and easy facts for children to learn about and enjoy. The bright colors of the animation are kid-friendly, but some children may have trouble understanding the accent of the narrator if they are not used to hearing similar accents. The video does have a captioning option for kids who want to watch and read along too.

Sea Pig Videos Once A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

Are these all real videos, or are some of them fake? How hard is it to tell if a video of a sea pig is real or not? Are there are a lot of real videos of sea pigs, or are they mostly fake or untrue? Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake sea pig videos around the Internet, and it can sometimes be hard to tell whether or not they’re really telling you the truth. This is partly because not many people know about sea pigs, and it’s partly due to the strange appearance and existence of these creatures, too.

Learning how to tell the difference between a real sea pig video and a fake one can be helpful when you’re trying to educate yourself about these animals. Remember that most real videos are going to give you facts you can back up by researching them. If the video says something that sounds fake, look it up and make sure other sources say the same thing. Some real facts about sea pigs are pretty astounding—like the fact that they eat whale carcasses or that they have feet on their mouths—but they are still true. You can learn to spot fake facts by practicing with the videos on the list above.

Don’t forget to check the source of the video, too. If a video comes from a reputable source, like National Geographic or the BBC, then you know it’s real. However, if you don’t recognize the source, you might want to look for other ways to tell whether or not the video is real.